The government of El Salvador will create a Bitcoin fund. The SEC became interested in the activities of Uniswap. Binance has received a warning from the financial regulator of South Africa. Another large investment fund drew attention to cryptocurrencies.

Today, we continue to study blockchain technology, the prospects for its use, and the potential that has long gone beyond the world of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology can radically change not only the current banking financial system but also the property and other social spheres of human interaction.

In the previous

The SEC will start tracking DeFi transactions. A large American investment fund has invested in cryptocurrencies. Ripple sued the SEC. Another Bitcoin futures are being prepared for launch.

The capitalization of the crypto market continues to grow. Hack, theft, and refund of PolyNetwork funds. Coinbase profit increased 50 times. The financial expert explained how Bitcoin is secured.

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